Preparing Students For The Future Of Work Through Profession Based Learning-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.5 w/Gregg Brown

Gregg Brown CAPS Network Coordinator Interview-Global CTE Podcast Ep.5 w/Gregg Brown

Tune in to a new and exciting episode of the Global CTE Podcast. In episode 5, Sylvester has an engaging conversation with CAPS Network Coordinator, Gregg Brown.

In this episode, Sylvester Chisom and Gregg Brown discuss:

-Greg shares the key lessons the CAPS team learned while growing from a small organization to now serving 77 affiliates and over 140 school districts

-The positive benefits of using Profession-Based Learning

-How to build a network of educators that share resources and connections

-The importance of giving students resume worthy experiences

-Best practices in connecting students to real world professionals

-How CAPS enhances equity in education

Gregg Brown Bio:

Gregg Brown is the network coordinator of “CAPS,” the Center for Advanced Professional Studies.

CAPS is a Global profession-based, experiential learning model serving students in 77 affiliate programs in 140+ school districts.

Gregg leads a program that brings business, community, and public education together to produce personalized learning experiences that educate the workforce of tomorrow, especially in high skill, high demand jobs. He leverages his experience in telecommunications management and education to develop and share value from the innovative CAPS model that increases the Human Capital for k12 students in preparation for the jobs of the future.

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