How To Make CTE Education More Engaging For Minority Students - Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.2 w/ Dr. Michael Gibson Jr.

Sylvester Chisom has an eye opening conversation with Dr. Michael Gibson, a 5 year cte teacher in St. Louis Public Schools. Dr. Gibson shares tips, strategies, and approaches he uses to create relevant lessons and conversations that include everything from Drake the rapper to interest rates. Mike also shares some great insights on what CTE directors and administrators can do to attract and retain more African American males to education as a profession. 

In this episode, Dr. Gibson and Sylvester discuss:

-Strategies for making deeper connections with students

-How to use things they care about to help personalize the learning experience

-His best tips on self care for educators

-How & why he created the Young Professionals Academy to help students

-How to attract and retain more black males in education

Dr. Gibson Bio:

Dr. Gibson is currently the Executive Director & Founder of The Young Professionals Academy, Secondary Business Teacher, and the VP of Communication & Community for SLU Graduate Student Association. He earned his BA in Sports Management, an MBA, and EdD from Lindenwood University. Dr. Gibson is currently finishing up his MS in Educational Leadership at Saint Louis University to become a school principal.

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