Fighting Poverty In East Africa With Youth Career Education-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.4 w/Edna Semiti

Tune in to an exciting episode of the Global CTE Podcast. Sylvester has an engaging conversation with Edna Semiti, founder of ZinduaKaria a youth serving organization focused on transforming under 35 youth in Africa with innovative and disruptive career education.

In this episode, Sylvester Chisom & Edna Semiti discuss:

-Her unique approach to engaging youth in Kenya with career guidance education.

-How to fight poverty and unemployment in Kenya for post high school students.

-The strong interest in entrepreneurship shown by youth in Kenya.

-How high school Work readiness training programs are keeping students excited about learning.

About Edna Semiti & ZinduaKaria:

Edna Semiti is the founder of ZinduaKaria based in Nairobi, Kenya. ZinduaKaria is a youth serving organization focused on designing and delivering quality, innovative and disruptive programs that empower young people under 35 who are poorly reached, forgotten, marginalized and overlooked. We impact young people with career education, information, advice, guidance and access to meaningful employment and education opportunities.

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